Patty Budler

Patty Budler: Preschool Specialist

Patty holds a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and an M.A.T. in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in inclusion.

Monica Jestes

Monica Jestes: Office Manager

Monica holds an associate’s with a focus in Early Childhood Education and Management.

Azra Latic

Azra Latic: Family Advocate

Azra holds a bachelor’s in Sociology.

Mary Clare Monahan

Mary Clare Monahan: Mental Health and Disabilities Coordinator

Mary Clare holds a bachelor’s and master’s in Social Work.

Franklin Petty

Franklin Petty: Food Services Coordinator

Phone: 314.865.0322

Lee Poe

Lee Poe: Community Relationships Coordinator

Tamar Shulman

Tamar Shulman: Infant-Toddler Specialist

Tamar holds a master’s in Education in Early Childhood General and Special Education/Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention.

Phone: 314.865.0322 Email:

Jeanette Valenzuela

Jeanette Valenzuela: Administrative Assistant