“This is an exceptional center. The staff and teachers are very professional and warm and welcoming. SouthSide is truly caring about their families. I am so grateful that my child attends this center and would recommend it for any family. SouthSide ROCKS!”

“SouthSide is a good school where my son is learning, and I like it too.”

“My daughter had an excellent beginning to her education at SouthSide, she was confronted with a completely new language and thanks to the efforts of her teachers she was able to communicate with other children in just a short time. It was incredible to see her achieve so many things in just one year. SouthSide encouraged her ability to be independent, creative, and participate.”

“Because of SouthSide I feel confident in knowing that my children have a head start on their education and that their chances for success are infinite because of the devoted and passionate staff that makes up SouthSide. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am proud to say that SouthSide is a part of our village and will leave an everlasting mark on me and both of my daughters’ hearts.”