A Look Back in Time, A View to the Future

Recently I had a wonderful visit with Judith Bozikis, who has a unique link to SouthSide that stretches across four generations of  her family. Listening to her memories and stories left me in awe of our history, and of the impact we have had on the lives of children and families of South St. Louis over 127 years. 

Judith's connection to SouthSide begins with her father and grandmother. Judith's dad, Edward Neff, was born in 1919. When he was a toddler, his mother relied on child care at SouthSide (at that time we were known as South Side Day Nursery, and we were located in a three story building on 10th Street). South Side Day Nursery, 1621 S. Tenth Street, ca. 1920. South Side Day Nursery Papers, A2744_0039. Missouri History Museum Archives, St. Louis.

Almost 50 years later, when Judith, as a young working mom with a son of her own, was looking for child care, her dad remembered SouthSide fondly, and Judith enrolled her son Jimmy. By then we had moved to our current building at 2930 Iowa Avenue.  South Side Day Nursery building, 2930 Iowa Ave. South Side Day Nursery Papers, A2744_0041. Missouri History Museum Archives, St. Louis.

Judith joined the staff as a teacher, and served at SouthSide for four years. Then in the 1980s, Judith's grandaughter attended SouthSide!

Each generation of this family needed a place that could care for and educate their young children while they started out in their careers, and today they are all educated and successful, contributing to the St. Louis community in their work and volunteer activities. They are living the future we hope for all of the children we serve, no matter their circumstances when they begin their journey with us. 

Now, in the most exciting period in our modern history, we look forward to nurturing, educating and inspiring future generations in our NEW building at Jefferson and Russell. In the next few weeks we'll be sharing news and updates about the construction of this beautiful new school, and look forward to welcoming all of our friends and supporters on "hard hat" tours!

SouthSide's new school