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SouthSide offers service-learning opportunities for middle, high school, and college students, and also offers individuals and groups one-time or short-term volunteer projects.

Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in volunteering. Thank you!

For more information on SouthSide’s volunteer program, please contact Cleo Zundel at 314.333.7111 or email czundel@southside-ecc.org.


Assist teachers by reading books, playing games, helping with group activities, or assisting with arts and crafts projects.


Help the children at SouthSide continue their education outside of the classroom by tutoring families and parents in English! Candidates must be fluent in both English and Spanish (or another needed language).


Greet visitors and parents, answer and transfer phone calls, assist with data entry and filing. Help SouthSide accomplish its mission by bringing good office skills and a smile to our warm and friendly workplace.


Assist with agency’s special events such as family partnership events (family fun nights, Fall Festival, Celebration of Cultures event), SouthSide’s annual gala and other fundraising events.


Help communicate with Learning Center children and families. We need volunteers with fluencies in Spanish, Oromo or Somali.


Serve on a committee of the Board of Directors: Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Development or Research and Advocacy. 

Gardening Assistant

Assists SouthSide’s children’s garden by weeding, watering, planting and maintaining upkeep.  

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Please fill out this form if you'd like to volunteer with us. Thank you!
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