High Quality Teachers Make the Difference

All children can benefit from high quality early childhood education, but children from disadvantaged backgrounds stand to gain the most. Research shows that low-income children who participate in quality early childhood experiences are less likely to need special education, more likely to lead healthier lives and have reduced crime rates later in life. At SouthSide Early Childhood Center, we know that quality matters. In order to achieve these results, you must have certain components in place. One of these components is a highly educated and experienced teaching staff. Here at SouthSide, all of our teachers have a degree in Education or a related field. We have teachers with expertise in early childhood education, social work, child and family development, psychology and sociology. We have teachers who are new to the field and others who have been working with children for over 20 years. They are smart, unique and creative, but above all passionate. SouthSide teachers truly care about each and every child who walks through our doors. They are constantly assessing the children in order to set individualized goals that will help them make progress towards age appropriate milestones. They are planning engaging experiences in the classrooms to not only address these individual goals, but to also celebrate the children’s interests and cultures. If our teachers notice a concern with a child, they make sure to involve our whole team in order to make sure that the child receives all of the help and support that he/she needs.

SouthSide teachers are truly amazing! Day in and day out, they are thinking and planning and working hard to make sure that all of our children will enter Kindergarten with the tools they need to succeed!