NPR Story Highlights Struggles of Families in Poverty

During the week of July 9, National Public Radio featured a series on families struggling to make their way out of poverty. Click here to listen to a segment on a single mom in Reading, Pennsylvania whose situation is much like the moms and dads at SouthSide - hardworking, loving parents doing as much as they can to make life better for their families. This working mom relies on an early childhood center for her children and works at the center they attend. She aspires to a better job in the field of early childhood education, which requires that she attend college. As is the case for many of our parents, her work and school day is very long and tiring. I found the series to be very moving. I especially appreciate that the story illustrates real life for the vast majority of poor families - they work very hard and get minimal support from the government. What do you think are good and lasting solutions to help families like the one profiled in this story and all the families at SouthSide?