Truth # 7 - Inspiring!

Truth # 7: Families go through tough times. But they keep going.

At SouthSide Early Childhood Center, we are guided by 10 Truths – these are words that inspire us in the work we do, and we hope inspire our entire community to join us in transforming the future for children and families living in poverty.

Falencia Moore is a woman on a mission. Her experience illustrates Truth # 7. She and her two daughters have navigated an extremely difficult journey over the past several years, but Falencia always kept her focus on creating a better future for herself and her children. We miss her at SouthSide – her second daughter graduated last year and we don’t get to see her every day. The positive energy that this family brought through our doors every morning was such a nice way to start off the workday!  

They came to SouthSide several years ago with little but what they could carry. Falencia had no apartment, car or job. Through her relentless determination to succeed and a little help from SouthSide and our partners, Falencia enrolled in school, found work, moved into an apartment and bought a car. Recently she launched her own website and is a motivational speaker. Her two daughters, alums of SouthSide, are thriving in elementary school – their teachers praise their abilities and the girls love school.

We are honored to feature Falencia’s blog here and encourage you to get to know her. Her family has surely had tough times – but always kept going.

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