The Buzz About Miros: The Beloved Busy Bees' Teacher


SouthSide has a diverse student population serving children and families from many different countries. It is exactly this diversity that enticed Miros Lopez, a lead teacher in the Busy Bees classroom, to come to  SouthSide. Miros is originally from Venezuela although she has lived all over the United States, in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and now Missouri. “The diversity of the families at SouthSide is important to me. I feel connected to them because I am also from another country and I know how it feels being in a new place.” Although Miros has had many different careers, her life has always centered around children, her own and those for whom she has cared.  Prior to meeting her husband and moving with him to the United States 30 years ago, Miros was a nurse in Venezuela. For 10 years she worked in the emergency ward taking care of  injured and sick children. Later, when she lived in Texas,  Miros taught children in both English and Spanish, and worked with children with autism.


In 2010, Miros moved to St. Louis to be closer to family; her daughter had relocated to the area to study at St. Louis University. It was her daughter who found SouthSide and urged Miros to come check into working here. Seven years later, Miros is an integral part of SouthSide and her family’s connection to SouthSide has recently become even stronger. Miros’s 3-year-old granddaughter, Carmen, has just enrolled at SouthSide. Miros says, “Carmen started two weeks ago. She is adapting well and she looks forward to coming to school in the morning.”

Miros has continued her education since joining the staff at SouthSide and will earn her associate degree in early childhood development from Meramec this year. Miros says that she enjoys enrolling in classes because the field of education is always changing and improving. “It’s been great working in the field of early childhood education and learning about how complex a child’s brain is.”

Miros knows how important quality early childhood education is to every child, including her granddaughter. Being able to provide this education to the children at SouthSide is the pinnacle of a career defined by an unwavering commitment to children.

This post was written by Lee Poe, Community Relationships Coordinator at SouthSide Early Childhood Center. For more information, contact .

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