Meet Maria and Daryl


When Maria Aubuchon and Daryl McCoy Jr. originally toured SouthSide, they were so impressed by the program that they immediately withdrew their oldest daughter from another Head Start program to enroll her at SouthSide. Daryl says, “Our daughter was very closed off at her old school. She has really opened up at SouthSide.”

With Maria and Daryl’s three children all attending SouthSide, it’s truly a family affair. Their children benefit from SouthSide’s curriculum and programs and Maria and Daryl have become active in the SouthSide community, too. At SouthSide, parents become partners in their children’s education. The Family Partnership program gives SouthSide families the tools they need to overcome everyday stressors that face families living in poverty. Daryl believes, “This school is really about helping the families.”

Maria and Daryl now attend every class offered by SouthSide’s Family Partnership Program – on topics from budgeting to healthy nutrition. Maria serves as SouthSide’s parent representative on the Youth in Need Policy Council where she gives a voice to other Head Start parents.

To Maria and Daryl, the growth in their children is amazing. Enrolled at SouthSide at just 9 months old, their son has grown into chatty two year old who often speaks Spanish at home. Their infant daughter has started to walk earlier than the average! The Aubuchon- McCoy family is truly committed to ensuring that their children succeed in school and in life!