SouthSide's Chief Financial Officer Named CFO of the Year

SouthSide Early Childhood Center is pleased to announce that our very own Allan (Al) Meyers has been named a 2016 CFO of the Year by St. Louis Business Journal. Each year, this prestigious honor is awarded to Chief Financial Officers who are making a major impact in the Saint Louis Area in their respective fields - large/small corporations, health care and nonprofits. Through his work at SouthSide, Al impacts not only the lives of the children who attend SouthSide today, but also the future of the St. Louis community through their success tomorrow. Al made the leap to the nonprofit sector after a 30+ year career at Anheuser-Busch in various financial accounting roles. Joining SouthSide Early Childhood Center in 2012, he has implemented significantly enhanced financial controls and financial reporting tools for the organization.

In only four short years at SouthSide, Al has contributed greatly to the overall success of the 130-year-old preschool. He was instrumental in the recent successful $4 million capital campaign to fund SouthSide’s new state-of-the art center at 2101 S Jefferson Ave. The new facility, the first new school for SouthSide in over 60+ years, has enabled SouthSide to expand its program to support and accommodate an additional 40+ children and families, two of three living in poverty. Al not only ensured that the project came in on time and on budget, but also navigated SouthSide’s board and staff through the complexities of the New Markets Tax Credit process, making it digestible, understandable and manageable for all.

In addition to his CFO duties, Al manages the employee benefits program, chairs the employee relations committee, manages the maintenance team and assists with facilities/IT issues. Al is the staff liaison to the Board of Directors’ Finance Committee and participates in the Human Resources and Facilities Committees. Al also coordinates the activities of the Friends of SouthSide.

Al has established a very strong working relationship with the other members of SouthSide’s leadership team, staff, donors and the Board of Directors. He is personable, professional and an all-around-great-guy! Al always makes supporting SouthSide teachers and staff a top priority. From making in free tax prep services available to coordinating staff appreciation events, Al lets everything at SouthSide know they are valued and appreciated.

From all of the children, families, volunteers, staff, board members and donors at SouthSide Early Childhood Center, thank you for everything you do, Al!