We're Looking for a Paraprofessional!

SouthSide Early Childhood Center is seeking a Paraprofessional for support in one of our high-quality preschool classrooms! As part of the Bright Futures Program, you will work with children in the classroom who have been identified as having cognitive, social-emotional, language, physical, and/or mental health delays. Our Paraprofessionals will work alongside teachers to make appropriate modifications and accommodations to help the children succeed. Working closely with the classroom teacher, the Developmental Specialist, and other staff , you will devise appropriate goals for each child’s Individual Learning Profile (ILP) based on his/her identified areas of need. You will work with the children individually, in small groups, and as part of the larger classroom to meet their individual goals using appropriate strategies. You will also monitor and document the children’s progress through regular data collection and recording. At SouthSide, Paraprofessionals spend four hours per morning in the classroom working with the children. Hours will be determined based on the children’s times of need. The paraprofessional will meet with the Developmental Specialist weekly. Opportunities will be available to work extended hours in the school, serving as additional support for teachers and staff.

We are looking for self-reflective, on-going learners who want to be a part of an innovative program.


Requirements and Qualifications

  • Candidates must have at least 3 college credits in education
  • experience working with young children
  • passionate about working with a diverse group of children and families

Position is hourly, full-year round.


Please submit you cover letter and resume to tgarbow@southside-ecc.org to apply.